Scott J Burgmeyer

Former Continuous Improvement Manager, Bridgestone

“Working within the business world and as a business owner, I am frequently asked about what it takes to be successful in business today. For me, core skills that we consistently need are (1) the ability to communicate, (2) be life-long learners, and (3) a continual improvement mindset (the desire to ever improve themselves, systems, and processes). A continual improvement mindset combines critical thinking AND action to allow us as a society to live a more productive and happier life. As a school system, the graduating student is the “final product” that is sent into society. Hardwiring these three core skills is something that UCSD has undertaken with their commitment to the Quality & Continual Improvement processes. I will continue to watch and lend my support during this transformation of the UCSD learning system.”

Scott J Burgmeyer
Former Continuous Improvement Manager