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We Appreciate

Omnyi Ojeke – UMS Student

I appreciate Mrs.Crooks so much! She is an amazing 7th grade math teacher and I enjoy her class very much!

Brooklyn Boeckholt – UMS Student

Thank you Mrs. Wolgast for being a caring teacher!

Robert Msiando – UMS Student

I loved 7th grade the thing I liked the most is when Mr. Olson played my YouTube channel in front of the whole class!

Bond Hageman – UHS Student

All of the coaches at the Urbandale High School are amazing and very helpful!

Michelle Cole – Valerius Principal

Huge shout out to Shawna, Coordinator of Special Education, and Amy, elementary Academic and Behavior Interventionist, for all of their hard work and support of our special education program as we start the school year. They always put students and teachers first, and have been giving their all to make sure things get off to a great start. So grateful to work with you both to best support our students. Thanks for all you do!

Brooklyn Boeckholt – UMS Student

Thank you, Carrie Laizure, for being the best 6th, 7th, 8th-grade counselor! I am going to miss having you for a counselor in High School!

Olivia Raymond – UMS Student

I appreciate Mr. Williams for making Language Arts interesting and engaging by starting everyday off with a “brain warm up” which is usually a interesting/idiotic drawing which makes everyone very energetic. He also makes sure that we are working hard. He’s a skilled teacher and he keeps things interesting with his sense of humor.

Sarah Webster – UMS Student

I appreciate every teacher, or staff member, that is part of our school. Whenever a kid is being disrespectful, they do their job nicely which calms the child down. Teachers do a great job explaining everything very nicely.

Deb Koua – Urbandale Parent

Thank you to the students, staff, administrators, and the entire Urbandale community for supporting our girls basketball team on their journey to the state tournament. The girls (and their families!) appreciated all the words of encouragement and kind gestures this past week. It was amazing to see the sea of red at Wells Fargo on Monday. A special shout out to the 1994 Girls Basketball team and the UHS Super Fans.

Darlene Wagner – UHS Counselor

Thank you to the UHS kitchen crew who are always willing to go above and beyond to help students-whether its showing new students the ropes in the lunchroom or making sure students coming back late from a field trip get a chance to eat. Thank you!!!

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