COVID-19 Status Dashboard

UCSD COVID-19 Status DASHBOARD: 2021-22 School Year

We will update the COVID-19 Status Dashboard on a semi-weekly basis (by end-of-day on Tuesdays and Fridays) with the current number of positive cases per building (includes both students and staff). The intention of the dashboard is to provide families and staff with information regarding the current number of COVID-19 positive cases within the building so that families and staff can make informed decisions regarding personal mitigation measures.

Building Name Current # of Positive Cases
Karen Acres Elementary 1 to 5
Olmsted Elementary 1 to 5
Rolling Green Elementary 1 to 5
Valerius Elementary 1 to 5
Webster Elementary 1 to 5
Urbandale Middle School 1 to 5
Urbandale High School 8
Metro West Learning Academy 1 to 5
District Administration Office 0

Data is current as of 9.14.21.

Note: Positive cases for individuals are reported on the dashboard based on their home building.