543 – Student Expressions

Students are allowed, indeed encouraged, to express their viewpoints and opinions. However, in order to maintain an appropriate learning environment and to protect the rights of all students, students must express themselves responsibly and appropriately in the school setting. The expression shall not encourage the breaking of laws or school rules, shall not be libelous, or contain obscenity or indecent depictions. Further, the expression must be done at a reasonable time, place, and manner as determined by the administrative staff. Student expressions which cause material and substantial disruption to the orderly operation of the school may be suppressed, and the students disciplined.

Date of Adoption: February 28, 1994

Date of Revision: May 7, 2018

Legal References: 279.8, 279.58, 280.22, 282.3, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.3(6)


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