611 – Physical Education

Students in grades one through twelve shall be required to participate in physical education courses unless they are properly excused upon written request by their parents or guardians.  Valid excuses shall include that the student is physically unable to participate due to illness or injury or the student has been exempted upon religious grounds.  A student in grade twelve may be excused if the student is enrolled in another educational program authorized by the District which requires the student’s absence from school or when the student is enrolled in an academic course not otherwise available.  Students in grades nine through eleven may be excused if the students are enrolled in an academic course not otherwise available.  Students participating in an organized and supervised athletic program shall also be enrolled in physical education unless otherwise excused under this policy.

Date of Revision: December 10, 2018

Legal References: 256.11, 280.3, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C., 12.5(3)(f), 12.5(4)(f), 12.5(5)(f), 12.5(6), 41.108

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