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Olmsted Kindergarten Students Propose Playground Improvements To Superintendent

Olmsted kindergarten students in Mrs. Muehlenthaler-Holmes’ class worked together to improve their school community as part of their class social studies project. Their third trimester unit in social studies, “Improving Our Communities/Choices I Make,” focused on learning how the choices they make have an impact on themselves and others. They worked together to understand rules, responsibilities, and processes to improve their classroom or community. The unit culminated with students identifying a need and then creating a proposal designed to address the need. Students discussed various topics and determined they would like to see improvements in the Olmsted kindergarten/preschool playground. Students wrote letters to Superintendent Dr. Daca outlining the issues and sharing specific requests for improvements. 

On May 24, Superintendent Dr. Daca met with the kindergarten students to thank them for writing such important letters and to listen to their concerns. The students took Dr. Daca on a tour of the playground to point out exactly where the problems are and solutions they’d like to see implemented. A few of the improvements students are hoping for include more swings, benches to sit on, more grass area, and more equipment to play on. Dr. Daca listened to their solutions and shared that she will take their requests back to the district team in order to begin discussions for how the district can make improvements to the playground to better meet the needs of Olmsted kindergarten students. 

What great learning took place through this class project! Students had the opportunity to work together to determine a problem they would like to see fixed. Then they worked on their writing and drawing skills in order to share their concerns. They met with Dr. Daca to discuss the issues they were experiencing and showed her first-hand the challenges they have with the current playground. 

We look forward to circling back with these forward-thinking kindergarten students once the playground improvements are completed. What pride they will feel knowing their class project helped to make the playground a better place for future kindergarten students. What a wonderful way to pay it forward! #OlmstedPride