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Elementary Boundaries

School Board Approves Priorities For Establishing Elementary Boundaries

During the May 23 School Board meeting, representatives from RSP shared highlights from the elementary boundaries community survey and led the Board of Directors through a process to determine the priorities that will be used when evaluating boundary criteria. The survey results and priorities will be utilized by the Boundary Committee in the development of an elementary boundary proposal. 

In July, the public will have an opportunity to view boundary sketches and give feedback regarding the options being considered. Once public feedback is received, the Boundary Committee will adjust the proposal as needed in order to bring a comprehensive elementary boundary proposal to the Board in September. The proposal will outline new elementary school attendance boundaries to be implemented in the 2023-24 school year. The new elementary boundaries will coincide with the opening of the new Valerius Elementary School.

Board Prioritized Elementary Boundary Criteria
(listed in order of most important to least important; 1 = most important; 6 = least important)

  1. Capacity Considerations / Balanced Enrollment
  2. Neighborhoods In Tact
  3. Students Impacted by Boundary / Demographic Considerations
  4. Duration of Boundaries
  5. Transportation Considerations
  6. Boundary Natural Features

Highlights of the Elementary Boundaries Community Survey

  • 558 total responses
  • 75% of responses were from parents/guardians of UCSD students; 15% staff; 9% community members; 1% students and Board member
  • Survey respondents prioritized boundary criteria, from most important to least important, as follows: Neighborhoods In Tact, Students Impacted by Boundary, Capacity Considerations, Balanced Enrollment, Transportation Considerations, Demographic Considerations, Duration of Boundaries, Boundary Natural Features
  • Information collected regarding future programming will be considered at a later date


UCSD Elementary Boundary Committee
All parents and members of the community who requested to be a part of the committee were invited to participate in the elementary boundary committee. There are 19 parents, representing all five elementaries, two community members, and one teacher. Additional members include Board Member Jenny Meade, Superintendent Dr. Daca, the District Registrar, Director of Human Resources, Coordinator of Special Education, Coordinator of Student Services, and Elementary Administrators. There are five Boundary Committee meetings scheduled this summer.