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Carrie Chapman Catt Award May 2022 news

UHS Political Action Club Earns Carrie Chapman Catt Award For Third Consecutive Year

Congratulations to the UHS Political Action Club for their outstanding dedication to registering at least 90% of eligible UHS students to vote. This achievement resulted in receiving the Carrie Chapman Catt Award for the third consecutive year.

The Carrie Chapman Catt Award symbolizes more than just registering 90% of eligible students as it commemorates Carrie Chapman Catt’s steadfast commitment to gaining women’s suffrage for an entirely new generation of Americans to lawfully participate in the electoral process.

Thank you to Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate for presenting UHS students in the Political Action Club the Carrie Chapman Catt Award on May 11. Achieving this award required a tremendous effort by students throughout the year. Thank you to UHS Social Studies Teacher, Anne La Pietra, for her exceptional leadership and guidance. We are #proudofU! #BeAVoter