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Valerius “Bounce House” Celebration

In celebration of the great efforts Valerius students made throughout the year in being respectful, responsible, and safe, three huge bounce houses were brought in on May 26 for loads of bouncing fun! Due to the slightly cooler weather conditions, one bounce house was placed outside while the other two bounce houses were in the gym. Students got to rotate through playing on the bounce houses while staff monitored the houses to make sure only a few students were inside them at a time. Students were able to climb up, jump, and slide their way down all while laughing and having a ball with their friends. It was as much of a pick me up for the students as it was for the staff as hearing the students’ wonderful laughter brought joy to everyone’s day. Congratulations to Valerius students for making such strides in being respectful, responsible, and safe, and thank you for bringing so much joy to everyone around you! #ValeriusPride