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We Appreciate

Brooklyn Boeckholt – UMS Student

Thank you, Mrs. Crooks for being such a awesome math teacher, your awesome! You are my favorite teacher!

Joelle Irvin – Rolling Green & Olmsted Music Teacher

Great job Olmsted 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students on your concert! You all pulled together and worked as a team to create a special performance. Way to go! I am proud of you all!!

Jacob Van Steenis – UMS Student

Mr. Lighter always makes learning fun and he is also a great football coach!

Brooklyn Boeckholt – UMS Student

I really like how nice the 6th/7th grade teachers are! They make learning fun!

Caleb Armstrong, UMS Student

Mr. TeBrink is a great teacher and helps us through history!

Ryan Marshall, UMS Student

We (students) appreciate the lunch ladies as they make us good food and we cannot live without food! We love food!

Dena Soenke, Communications

Thank you to Dr. Keri Schlueter and UCAN for their countless hours planning and organizing a Summer Meal Program that will support students right here in Urbandale. They have gone above & beyond to make this important service happen. Thank you!!

Cara Kennedy, UMS Student

Thank you to Mr. Luther for being the best Social Studies teacher EVER! If you are lucky enough to have him for Social Studies then you are blessed!

Jill Neas – USCD Parent

Thank you to our amazing principals for helping on a less than ideal snowy day! Mr. DeKruyf was pushing cars that were stuck attempting to get children from the Middle School (including me). Then, I got to Olmsted to get my preschool student and saw Principal Brimeyer clearing the sidewalks so all could safely enter and exit the building. Finally, I arrived at Rolling Green to get my 4th grader, and Mrs. Taylor was cheerfully scooping out the teachers who had been plowed in when the parking lot was cleared. Thank you again, Urbandale Principals for going above and beyond in less than idea conditions!

Mark Monroe, District Custodial Supervisor

I would like to thank Chris Bergman for helping the custodial team on conference days. She helps make sure everything gets set up the right way, and she usually can recruit students to help move all the tables from the media center to the commons area. She is a team player and helps make the transition a smooth one. Your help is appreciated by all the custodians.

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