Registration – New Students


The Urbandale Community School District extends a warm welcome to you! We’re thrilled to welcome your student(s) and family, and thank you for giving us the opportunity to help your child learn, grow, and achieve success on the pathway of lifelong learning! If you have a child that will be 5 years of age on or before September 15, 2022, please plan to enroll them in kindergarten. If your child is going into 1st through 12th grade, please be sure to enroll now.  Plus, we offer a fantastic preschool program! For translation, click the “Translate” link at the top of this page.

Click here to view calendars for UCSD schools. Here is the 2021-2023 Elementary Boundary Map. Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, the year-round program will move to Karen Acres Elementary; here is the Elementary Boundary Map beginning in the 2023-24 school year.

If you’d like help determining which school your child would attend, please contact Sandy Walters (contact information at the bottom of this page). Please see the section of our website about Open Enrollment if you do not live within district boundaries. Please Note: The Traditional Calendar is followed by all schools except Rolling Green. Rolling Green follows a Flexible Calendar (year-round school). Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, the year-round program will move to Karen Acres Elementary.

learn more about our year-Round Elementary School

One of the many things that makes Urbandale unique is the year-round elementary school found right in the heart of the Urbandale Community School District. Rolling Green Elementary is a school of choice which means families choose to attend Rolling Green school no matter where they live in the district. This is in contrast to other schools where students are assigned a school based on the proximity of their home to their neighborhood school. 

“Year-round” means that Rolling Green is able to provide even more learning opportunities throughout the year, but it does not mean that students go to school every day of the year. Rolling Green is in session the same number of days as elementary schools on the traditional year calendar. Rolling Green’s summer break is a full six weeks long and the schedule provides more frequent breaks throughout the year which gives everyone the chance to reset and refresh! On most breaks, Rolling Green offers optional, theme-based programming for a small fee. This provides families additional childcare and gives kids fun, hands-on learning experiences that include fantastic field trips. 

We would love the opportunity to share more about Rolling Green with you and all our school has to offer your child and family. Please reach out to Principal Dania Wilson to learn more. We hope to welcome your family to Rolling Green this fall!

Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, the year-round program will move to Karen Acres Elementary; here is the Elementary Boundary Map beginning in the 2023-24 school year.

Step 1: Request Pre-Registration Forms

To pre-register your student(s), please complete either the Request for Pre-Registration Documents for the 2022-23 School Year.  You will receive a DocuSign document via email to complete and submit.  The cover sheet of this document will instruct you on what other documents we will need in order to complete the pre-registration section of registration.

Further instructions to complete registration for your student(s) will be sent via email once all required documents are received and verified.



Once all required documents have been received, the Registrar will enter all preliminary new student registration information into our online registration system. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email and/or letter that contains instructions and a “SnapCode” for your student. With your “SnapCode” handy, please login to InfoSnap as directed and create an account to complete the online portion of registration for your student. You will receive a confirmation at the end of the online program that your student’s registration has been completed.  If you have email, you should also receive an email confirmation. (Note: If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact Sandy Walters at 515-457-5011.)



In order to help streamline the registration process for your child, we’d like to request receiving these health forms by May 1 if at all possible. Please note that Iowa Law requires a parent to provide evidence of the required immunizations upon enrollment. If your child is missing any of the required immunizations, your child may be enrolled provisionally for 60 calendar days if she/he has received at least one dose of each required vaccine. After the 60 days, your child will be excluded from school until he/she receives the immunizations. Please bring the completed forms to your child’s school or the District Administration Office.

One request when printing/submitting forms: please print 1-sided (each form on its own sheet of paper). Also, if you bring original documents, we will copy and return the originals to you. Thank you!



Adventuretime Before and After School Programs

Adventuretime Family Services provides childcare programs for preschool through 5th grade students: Visit the Adventuretime site for full information and be sure to register early!

Free & Reduced Meals; Fee Waiver

Complete an Application for Free & Reduced Meals, plus Fee Waivers
UCSD Nutrition Services recognizes the important connection between a healthy lifestyle and a student’s ability to learn effectively which is why we ensure all students have access to a healthy breakfast and lunch on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the federal waiver for free school meals was not extended to the 2022-23 school year; thus, families will need to carry a positive balance in their children’s school meal accounts in order for children to access breakfast and lunch while at school. 

To see if your child(ren) qualifies for free and reduced price meals—plus other benefits such as free or reduced fees for books and materials, driver’s education, busing, activities, and other district services—please review the following information.

Complete an Application for Free & Reduced Meals
The 2022-23 Iowa Eligibility Application (also known as Free & Reduced Meals Application) is now open. Even if you completed the 2021-2022 application, you will still need to complete the 2022-2023 application. Only one Iowa Eligibility Application per household is required. 

To learn more about applying for free or reduced meals, please visit the Nutrition Services website. For assistance in completing the application or for questions, please contact the Nutrition Department at 515-457-6911. The Urbandale Community School District is an equal opportunity provider.

Student Fee Waiver Program
UCSD offers financial assistance to families qualifying for the district’s free and reduced meal program. If your child(ren) qualifies for free or reduced price meals, you may also be eligible for other benefits such as free or reduced fees for books and materials, driver’s education, busing, activities, and other district services. 

In order to receive these additional benefits, make sure you complete the Waiver of Confidentiality portion of the 2022-23 Iowa Eligibility Application (which is located on tab 2, “Additional Questions” within the online application form). If you have already completed the application and did not select “yes” for this option, or if you received an email or letter stating that you were Directly Certified by the State, you can complete the waiver separately by using this form. By completing the waiver form, you waive your right to confidentiality of your eligibility status for the selected programs. Please note: The application and waiver forms need to be completed each school year. 

Special Education, English Language Learners and Title 1

These programs are designed to provide an extra boost to the students who may benefit from the experience. Special Program teachers and the classroom teacher focus on the same objectives, helping students become even more successful at reading, writing, language and thinking. Students may be recommended for special programs by kindergarten staff after the school year begins. Please visit our Student Services page for more information.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

If you are a parent, guardian or teacher, you are automatically a member of the PTO. There is no application to complete and no dues to pay. The PTO holds monthly meetings throughout the school year. You should check with your individual building to find out when the meetings are, what time and where they are held.

Registration Contact

Sandy Walters
Student Data Manager/Registrar
Phone: (515) 457-5011
Fax: (515) 457-5018