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Welcome to Urbandale Schools

The Urbandale Community School District team understands that selecting a school district for your child to attend is impacted by many factors. The most apparent being the location of your home in relation to school district boundary lines. However, Urbandale offers the opportunity for all families—regardless of home address—to apply to open enroll in Urbandale schools.

We believe the process of Open Enrollment should be one in which all families considering Urbandale schools feel welcomed and valued. By considering and selecting Urbandale schools, you are giving us a gift of helping to bring learning to life for your child. That is a gift we hold dear, as we know the significance of having a child feel connected and inspired throughout their education.

We thank you for your consideration and encourage you to learn more about Urbandale schools by viewing the Quality/Continual Improvement Showcase and by reviewing the following information about Open Enrollment in the Urbandale Community School District.

Open Enrollment Availability

For the 2021-2022 school year, open enrollment is closed due to insufficient classroom space for grade 8. All other grades currently have openings for additional students.

Open Enrollment Application

Note: There are additional good cause exemptions and exceptions for Des Moines students to the deadlines. See the FAQ for HF 228 and 847 document below for additional information.

Open Enrollment Forms
Please complete the following Open Enrollment Application and review the Open Enrollment Application Directions below. All Open Enrollment Applications are due to the student’s resident district and receiving district by March 1 for students in grades 1st -12th and September 1 for students entering Kindergarten.

You may fax, email, mail, or drop off the completed application to:

District Office:
Urbandale Administrative Office
Attn: Open Enrollment
11152 Aurora Avenue
Urbandale, IA 50322
Map to District Office

(515) 457-5018

Dr. Keri Schlueter
Coordinator of Student Services

Please note: If your child is currently open enrolled into the Urbandale district and would like to continue attending next year, you do not need to submit a new application. Once you have been approved for open enrollment, the approval continues until your child graduates or you notify the district you are ending your open enrollment and enrolling your child in a different school district.

For more information on Open Enrollment, please visit the Open Enrollment section on the Iowa Department of Education site where you can review more details regarding directions for completing the Open Enrollment application, the current State Open Enrollment Handbook, and FAQs.

What Urbandale Parents Are Saying

“Even though Urbandale High School is a big school with 1,215 students, my son felt completely at home when he entered 9th grade. His teachers have shown us that they care about his success by communicating with us via e-mail and phone, having one-on-one visits with our son, and demonstrating their attentiveness at student-led conferences. I appreciate how my son’s teacher’s look for his strengths. They celebrate his successes with him. We are thrilled to have our son at UHS.”
– Anne Nieland, Urbandale Parent

“As our world becomes more fast-moving and technologically savvy, education must change as well. Educators must provide a learning environment that is meaningful.  It should be something that students can take with them and use as they move into the next phase of their life. Whether it is through an on-site visit, working in cooperative groups, or researching information, students need a reason for why this learning is important. Finally, students should feel motivated. Urbandale is going in this direction and it is up to all of us to provide students with opportunities to bring them to that level of learning. I’m proud to have my sons in the Urbandale School District for this reason.”
– Pamela Spangler, Urbandale Parent

“Mrs. Choudhury, First Grade teacher at Karen Acres Elementary, provides a learning environment that motivates and inspires my daughter. My daughter is above grade level for reading so during reading lessons she is given research projects. Once her project is completed, she creates a presentation with pictures and narratives. Having my daughter be in a learning environment that is truly student-centered is a wonderful experience.”
– Annie Uetz, Urbandale Parent

Quality/Continual Improvement

In 2010, the Urbandale Community School District began assessing innovative, proven, and sustainable methods for transforming education in order to better align with the Urbandale vision of being a school district that brings learning to life for everyone. The district determined that a focus on Quality/Continual Improvement (Q/CI) throughout the system was the most effective path for transformation. 

Q/CI is an ongoing, fundamental, and comprehensive approach for improving learning throughout the district. Urbandale teachers are becoming “facilitators of learning” by creating systems of learning in their classrooms that give students greater ownership and voice in their learning. Students not only learn the content of their coursework, but they also learn how to learn, learn how to manage their time, and learn how to effectively collaborate with other students; essential skills for success in college, business, and life.

Urbandale integrates a consistent, rigorous, and relevant curriculum that empowers students to set challenging yet achievable goals in order to achieve success inside and outside the classroom.

Visit our Q/CI Showcase to learn more about what Urbandale educators, parents, and students are saying!


Q1: What is the first step I should take when considering open enrolling in Urbandale?
A1: Please review all content on this page as well as the Open Enrollment Application and Directions (found above). We encourage you to review the Quality/Continual Improvement Showcase section for more insight into how Urbandale brings learning to life.

Q2: May I select the elementary school I would like my child(ren) to be enrolled in?
A2: You may request an attendance center, and we will attempt to grant your request, but the district has discretion to determine which attendance center an open enrolled student shall attend.

Q3: What form(s) do I need to complete?
A3: Please complete the Open Enrollment Application (found above) in order to begin having your open enrollment request processed.

Q4: What is the due date for submitting the Open Enrollment Application?
A4: All Open Enrollment Applications are due to the student’s resident district and receiving district by March 1 for students in grades 1st -12th and September 1 for students entering Kindergarten. You may fax, email, mail, or drop off the completed application (see contact information above).

If you have additional questions, please contact:
Dr. Keri Schlueter
Coordinator of Student Services
(515) 457-5004 

Sandy Walters
Student Data Manager
Phone: (515) 457-5011
Fax: (515) 457-5018