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School Board Meeting: How To Attend & Procedure To Request Public Comment

School Board Meetings and School Board Work Sessions will livestream on the District YouTube Channel and can be accessed below when in progress.


Meeting Dates & Descriptions
All UCSD Work Session Meetings and Regular Board Meetings are scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. Please view Board Meeting dates here.

Months when there are two meetings, the first meeting will be a Work Session Meeting. A Work Session is a meeting of the Board where facts are gathered and in-depth discussion is held, but where no final action is taken. The public shall have a right to be present unless a topic may be discussed in closed session, but the public shall not have a right to address the Board during a Work Session. All actions and communications from the public will take place at the next Regular School Board meeting. For more information about Board Meetings, please view Board Policy 209.


How To Attend A School Board Meeting
UCSD School Board Meetings are being conducted in person while simultaneously livestreaming on the District YouTube Channel. To confirm the location of each meeting and view the agenda, please visit the Simbli site, select “Meetings,” select “Meetings Listing,” and select the title of the meeting.

Public Comments During A School Board Meeting
The process for making a Public Comment was updated in May 2022. Instructions for how to sign up for public comment are located within the “Public Comment” section of the specific Board Meeting Agenda for which you would like to request to speak. Thank you!