Year-Round Learning — Year-Round Fun! Learn more about our year-round school

Karen Acres Elementary
One of the many things that makes Urbandale unique is the year-round elementary school found right in the heart of the Urbandale Community School District (UCSD). Any family living within UCSD boundaries, or outside UCSD boundaries, can choose to attend our year-round elementary school located at Karen Acres Elementary. Bus transportation is available anywhere within district boundaries outside of the Karen Acres walk zone.

“Year-round” means we’re able to provide even more learning opportunities throughout the year, but it does not mean that students go to school every day of the year. Karen Acres is in session the same number of days as elementary schools on the traditional year calendar. Summer break at Karen Acres is a full six weeks long and the schedule provides more frequent breaks throughout the year which gives everyone the chance to reset and refresh. On most breaks, Karen Acres offers optional, theme-based programming for a small fee. This provides families additional childcare and gives kids fun, hands-on learning experiences that include fantastic field trips.

We would love the opportunity to share more about our year-round school with you and all it has to offer your child and family. Please reach out to Principal Dania Wilson to learn more and/or schedule a visit!

View our 1-page flyer:

(Note: The videos below were recorded in the 2022-23 school year in preparation for the year-round program to move from Rolling Green Elementary to Karen Acres Elementary. Enjoy hearing from our students, parents, and staff about what makes our year-round program so very special!)