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We Appreciate

Kelly Bakke – Urbandale Parent

The UHS band had a FANTASTIC performance during the football game but what made it even better was the support from the football team when they stayed and watched!

Melinda Ennis – UMS Parent

This morning I went to the middle school to pick up my kids’ (6th and 8th grader) belongings. Everything was boxed up and put together, labelled, and ready to go. The entire process was seamless, quick, and with the music playing outside and the staff’s smiling faces (even through the masks), it was even a fun experience for my 6th grader (who went with me) to see everyone, although from a distance. I’ve also loved that Mr. Braden is right in the middle of the activity. He’s the most visible principal we’ve had in any school, and in a positive way. I’ve been impressed by Urbandale since we’ve moved here almost 2 years ago, and the middle school has been an exceptional experience for my two youngest kids that have attended.

Evan Witke – UHS Student

I would like to thank Coach Hammerand and Coach Sand for making my last year of cross country such a blast. They helped me improve so much, and I can’t thank them enough for all that they did.

Bond Hageman – UHS Student

I would like to thank everyone for coming to the varsity basketball games this year. I also would like to say please come and watch both boys and girls during sub-state and at state.

Steve Bass; Superintendent of Schools

I appreciate the Jensen and Karen Acres staff members for continuing to offer positive learning experiences for our students during this two-year time period of transition. Thank you for making a positive difference!

Hailie Bonz – UMS Student

I’d like to thank my sixth grade language arts teacher, Mrs. Herrera for showing me how amazing writing is! I’m going on to be an author or editor and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you! I’m sad being an 8th grader means its my last year here, but knowing you have made these three years amazing!

Derek Wilkins, Dean of Students at UHS

Shout out to Evan Whitke for helping pick up the trays in the lunchroom! This shows great character, and going above and beyond for excellence in the lunchroom!

Omnyi Ojeke – UMS Student

I appreciate Mrs.Crooks so much! She is an amazing 7th grade math teacher and I enjoy her class very much!

Brooklyn Boeckholt – UMS Student

Thank you Mrs. Wolgast for being a caring teacher!

Robert Msiando – UMS Student

I loved 7th grade the thing I liked the most is when Mr. Olson played my YouTube channel in front of the whole class!

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