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Karen Acres Kicks Off Artist in Residence Project

On Tuesday April 3, Karen Acres kicked off their Artist in Residence project, which is sponsored by Karen Acres PTO, during an assembly with local author and artist Nic Roth. Nic creates vibrant picture books, graphic novels, comics, and magazine illustrations. He’s also known for his whimsical murals scattered throughout Des Moines, most recently at Basic Bird in Beaverdale and The Little Book in Highland Park.

Nic is known for his character-driven illustrations and eye-catching color palettes. His art is filled with hidden details, inviting viewers to explore and discover new things. During the assembly Nic helped Karen Acres students find those hidden images and more while he read his book, Coco Wants a Burger. 

He then talked to the students about the best way to create illustrations and encouraged them to apply those to their art. In art class the students will be creating their own color book pages to make a grade level coloring book with cover art by Nic Roth! The students were all so excited and ready to get working on their project! #KAPride #UBelongHere

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