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Olmsted CultureAll Open House

Students from Olmsted got the opportunity to experience cultures from all over the world on Tuesday, April 2nd. Ambassadors from CultureAll visited classrooms all afternoon and in the evening Olmsted hosted an open house for families to get the opportunity to experience these presentations with their students. The ambassadors, their culture/country, and what they shared with students are listed below: 

  • Josie Shaw, Kenya- Kenyan Beading
  • Abe Goldstien, Jewish- Avram and His Accordion
  • Oxana Reed, Moldova- Slavic Culture
  • Cucho Madero, Peru- Peruvian Pan Flutes
  • Takeshi Hayasaka, Japan- Origami
  • Margery Davis, Denmark- Are Danes Happiest?
  • Alex Yakobson, Kazakhstan- World in the Hat
  • RJ Hernandez, Mexico- Musical Tour of Mexico
  • Fonziba Koster, West Africa- West African Drumming
  • Sonal Mistry, India- Dandiya

Students from Mr. Small’s third grade class got to attend a session with Sonal where they learned about India. They also were able to pick a Henna design, they then drew or traced it, and had the design applied to their hand. The design stays on for a week or so before it starts to wear off. The students loved it! They then were able to hear from Margery about Denmark. The students learned a traditional dance! 

What a fun and exciting experience for the students to learn about cultures outside of their own! #OLMPride #UBelongHere

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