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Celebrating Global Cultures During the 2nd Annual Culture Week

Throughout the week of November 13, Urbandale High School students enjoyed tasting global foods, dressing in cultural garb, learning about the multiple cultures living in the Urbandale community, and coming together for the second annual Culture Fair. The UHS CORE x Culture Week brought learning to life by providing opportunities for students to learn more about various cultures and celebrate diversity and inclusion at UHS and throughout the entire Urbandale community. 

“As members of CORE, we invest in our community, we invest in the culture, and we invest in curating spaces that are liberated and celebrated,” said UHS EL Teacher and CORE Faculty Facilitator Karin Ibrahim. “When we say ALL means ALL, we live that. We were incredibly excited to collaborate and share this experience with our entire UHS community.” 

During the Culture Fair, the UHS English Language Department, foreign exchange students, and UHS students came together to highlight various aspects of their culture. The fair took place after school on November 16. There was dancing, singing, food, music, games and educational booths. A truly interactive and inclusive experience for all attendees. What a fantastic week. Well-done! #UHSpride