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Activities Month news

Celebrating National Activities Month—October 2023

During National Activities Month, we recognize all leaders and coaching staff for dedicating their time to teach, support, and provide students with life experiences through sports, theatre, and other activities.  Without coaches, these activities wouldn’t be possible! Thank you for helping students achieve goals in the activities they pursue!

Director of Athletics & Activities: Josh Frey

Athletics & Activities Coordinator: Adam Fraher, Cooper Reittinger

Strength & Conditioning Specialist: Pete Traynor

PAC Specialist: Shaun Knapp

Athletic Trainer: Taylor Witzel

HS Head Drama: Shaun Knapp

HS Assistant Drama: Gavin Gallegos

HS Head Show Choir: Ted Brimeyer

HS Assistant Show Choir: Brenden Ball, David Breese, Michaela Gyure, Jon Edgeton, Ryan Orme

HS Head Vocal Choir: Ted Brimeyer

HS Assistant Vocal Choir: Jon Edgeton

HS Director of Bands: Thomas Doggett

HS Assistant Director of Bands: David Breese, Morgan Eadie

HS Head Marching Band: Thomas Doggett

HS Assistant Marching Band: David Breese, Morgan Eadie

MS Head Drama: Morgan Ralphs

MS Head Show Choir: Chris Conner, Matthew Harper

MS Head Director of Bands: Daphne Monson

MS Assistant Director of Bands: Nancy Schultz

MS Head Jazz/Concert: Morgan Eadie, Daphne Monson

HS Head Cheerleading: Kali Brinker

HS Assistant Cheerleading: Ashley Clark, Rebecca Metko, Taryn Robertson

HS Head Dance: Olivia Hennings

HS Assistant Dance: Lauren Macke

HS Esports: Lily Burkhead, Dylan Sumpter

MS Cheerleading: Jocelyn Mulder

HS Head Football: Sam Anderson

HS Assistant Football: Dashawn Cason, Taylor Fulton, Scott Houser, Joel Jacobs, Ramel Lane, Shawn Llewellyn, Tyler Motter, Kamari Palimore, Paul Peletz, Tony Perez, Tyler Perry, Pete Traynor, Ryan Williams

HS Head Volleyball (Interim): Amy Hobert

HS Assistant Volleyball: Annika Della Vedova, Natalie McCormick, Maddy Punsalan, Marie Stefani, Tiffany Schott

HS Head Boys Cross Country: Lee Hammerand

HS Assistant Boys Cross Country: Jeff Sand

HS Head Girls Cross Country: David Roney

HS Assistant Girls Cross Country: Samantha Conlon, Beth Schweizer

HS Head Boys Golf: Kate Davis

MS Head Football: Steve Dillon, Steven Drew

MS Assistant Football: Alex Bormann, Steve Dannenfeldt, Devon Mau, Chad Towers, Craig Wederquirst

MS Head Volleyball: Christy Peletz, Bryanna Wisecup

MS Assistant Volleyball: Bradee Bouman, Abby Cockrell, Tasha Hoff

MS Head Cross Country: Corey Brown

MS Assistant Cross Country: Lindsey Bakker, Ellen Gallagher 

HS Head Boys Basketball: Clay Thielking

HS Assistant Boys Basketball: Charles Crowley, Jon Hardersen, Tony Perez, Orv Salmon, Nathan Sturges, Spencer Sturges, Troy Tra

HS Head Girls Basketball: Joey Aguirre

HS Assistant Girls Basketball: Annika Della Vedova, Ty Sharon, Nate Stevens

HS Head Boys Wrestling: Mike Moreno

HS Assistant Boys Wrestling: Bryce Boehm, Colston DiBlasi, Gabriel Moreno, Jeff Sand

HS Head Girls Wrestling: Michael Moreno

HS Assistant Girls Wrestling: Bradlee Fair

HS Head Bowling: Taylor Fulton

HS Assistant Bowling: Sam Anderson, Joel Jacobs

MS Head Boys Basketball: Corey Brown

MS Assistant Boys Basketball: Joseph Heasley, Alex Pringnitz

MS Head Girls Basketball: Steve Dillon

MS Assistant Girls Basketball: Devon Mau

MS Head Boys Wrestling: Ali Mohammed

MS Assistant Boys Wrestling: Chad Towers

MS Head Girls Wrestling: Derek Konrad

HS Head Boys Track: Joel Jacobs

HS Assistant Boys Track: Ramel Lane, Tyler Perry, Ryan Williams

HS Head Girls Track: Mel Green, Jr., 

HS Assistant Girls Track: Taylor Fulton, Deidra Meyer

HS Head Boys Soccer: John Mullins

HS Assistant Boys Soccer: Zach Corwin, Calvin Jones, Isaac Olsen, Garret Reels

HS Head Girls Soccer: Jessica Shwery

HS Assistant Girls Soccer: Samantha Fegen, Shealyn Sullivan, Rachel Vander Hart

HS Assistant Boys Tennis: Sam Anderson

HS Head Girls Tennis: Zach Maertens

HS Assistant Girls Tennis: Mike Moreno

HS Head Girls Golf: Kate Davis

MS Head Boys Track: Jeff Sand

MS Assistant Boys Track: Steve Dillon, Devon Mau

MS Assistant Girls Track: Bradee Bouman, Allison Martz, Chad Towers

HS Head Baseball: Eric Evans

HS Assistant Baseball: Corey Brown, Colby Carmichael, Alec Hensley, Nathan Kramer, Parker Schutt

HS Head Softball: Amber Salmon

HS Assistant Softball: Ellen Gallagher, Taylor Hinkhouse, Emily Rottinghaus, Ty Sharon