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National School Lunch Week 2023 news 2

Celebrating National School Lunch Week October 9–13

Join us in celebrating National School Lunch Week (NSLW) October 9–October 13! This year’s NSLW theme, “Level Up with School Lunch,” highlights the importance of a healthy school lunch to a student’s success both in and out of the classroom.

We thank our Nutrition Services Team for their dedication to ensuring all students have access to healthy meals. The time, energy, and focus they put into creating menus that are nutritionally balanced and appetizing is nothing short of exceptional.

When you see our Nutrition Services team members, please thank them for all they do in support of our students and schools. We are most definitely #betterwithU! #NSLW2023 #UBELONG

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High School- 

Kitchen Manager: Asmira Dolic

Cook: Sanela Grahovic, Azra Zukic

General Worker — Production Kitchen: Fehim Beganovic, Esmira Dubinovic, Edina Mehic, Linda Willems


Middle School-

Kitchen Manager: Sanela Hasanic

Cook: Mina Delic

General Worker — Production Kitchen: Aida Cosic, Jasminka Beganovic, Arijana Salkanovic


Karen Acres-

General Worker — Serving Kitchen: Laura Clark, Dia Cavan, Vicki Dannen, Fifi Mahic



Kitchen Manager: Jim Marren

Cook: Lynne VanWyk

General Worker — Production Kitchen: Teresa Garcia, Melissa Wingfield



Kitchen Manager: Cynthea Streeter

Cook: Stefana Vidovic

General Worker — Production Kitchen: Herlinda Espinosa



Kitchen Manager: Stephanie Allsup

Head Baker: Vesna Djuric

General Worker — Production Kitchen: Tina Coggeshall, Dolores Escoto