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Curriculum Reviews

Curriculum Reviews & Opportunities For Feedback

The following content areas are under curriculum review and we will be welcoming parent/guardian and community feedback during the upcoming weeks. A table will be set up in each building on the below dates and if your school has conferences we invite you to stop by the table and review the materials under consideration to provide feedback.

Content Areas Under Review
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6-12 Science

Instructional Materials Being Considered:
6-12  OpenSci Ed

6-8 Amplify Science

9-12 Savvas Science
Experience Chemistry

Experience Physics
Experience Biology

Weeks Available for Review/Feedback:
October 23-November 2

PreK-12 Social, Emotional, & Character Education

Instructional Materials Being Considered:
PreK-12 Character Strong
Purposeful People

Middle School
High School
Preview Access

PreK Only
Al’s Pals

K-5 Only
Caring School Community

6-12 Only
The Core Project

Weeks Available for Review/Feedback:
PreK-5 : November 6-November 17
6-12 Buildings: October 23-November 2

Leadership teams made of teachers have been engaged in learning, narrowed down the materials under consideration and will be field testing two sets of instructional materials with students within our system prior to Winter Break.

All staff that would use any of the above instructional materials will be able to review samples of materials and provide feedback as part of the curriculum review process.

From January through May of 2024, professional learning will be provided to prepare for implementation of the new instructional materials with the intent of having these materials in teachers’ hands by April of 2024 to prepare for initial implementation in August of 2024.