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Games and Beading: The Latest From Metro West CultureAll

Tuesday, February 6 and Tuesday, February 13 were the third and fourth sessions of  Metro West Learning Academy’s CultureAll events. Every Tuesday for six weeks, Metro West students will attend sessions with CultureAll Ambassadors who will teach them about various cultures from around the world. These last two sessions were presented about India and Kenya. 

On the 6th, students heard from Mamta Israni about the unique games found in India. Mamta talked about how a lot of games we play in the United States actually have roots from popular games in India. The game Chutes and Ladders is called Snakes and Ladders in India and the games Sorry! and Trouble find their roots in the popular game Parcheesi. One incredibly popular game, Marbles, draws in many crowds and tournaments are popular in India. 

On the 13th, Metro West students learned all about Kenyan traditions and beading from Kenya native, Josie Shaw. Josie came to the US in 1989 to attend Central Missouri State University and has been an advocate of sharing African heritage ever since. Josie talked to the students about the native language Swahili, about how many different tribes and cultures there are in Africa (over 3,000), and the culture around school, marriage, and the natural wildlife. Josie also focused on how beading different accessories and jewelry are indicators of a person’s tribe and culture.

These events have been so educational and fun for the students of Metro West and are encouraging them to explore more cultures in unique ways! #MWPride #Ubelong


Tuesday, February 6: India

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Tuesday, February 13: Kenya

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