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Gift Giving: Please Review Prior To Giving Gifts To School District Employees/ Representatives

As this is the time of year when families consider giving gifts as tokens of appreciation and gratitude to teachers, coaches, and staff members, we’d like to make sure all families are aware of the District’s Board Policy regarding gift giving.

What Is Not Allowed
Board members, employees, officials of the District, and members of their immediate family cannot accept gift cards, gift certificates, or money. No employee shall accept a monetary gift from or on behalf of a student or group of students.

What Is Allowed

We’re pleased to share that families are able to give gifts to teachers, coaches, administrators, or other District employees or officials, provided the gift is not given to influence the employee’s judgment in professional or official matters, but rather is given as a token of appreciation. As stated above, gifts cannot be in the form of gift cards, gift certificates, or money. Please know, giving gifts is certainly not required and is based on each family’s personal preference.

We hope providing this update regarding giving gifts will provide families more flexibility for sharing appreciation for the truly outstanding work of our staff members, teachers, administrators, coaches, and Board members.