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Thank You

Happy National Administrative Professionals Day!

We’re incredibly thankful for our school & district office administrative assistants. The outstanding support they provide to students, staff & families is absolutely vital! #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay


Rhonda Owens

Rhonda Owens OLM

Teresa Canine

Teresa Canine OLM

Rolling Green:

Martha Raecker

Martha Raecker RG


Angie Jones

Angie Jones VAL

Webster :

Brenda Briggs

Brenda Briggs WEB

Erin Campney

Erin Campney WEB

Karen Acres:

Not Pictured: Caley Jo Schroeder


Sara Phillips

Sara Phillips UMS

Not Pictured: Arika Graybill, Stacy John


Jodi Nuss

Jodi Nuss UHS

Holly Secaur

Holly Secaur UHS

Brittany Hogue

Brittany Hogue UHS

Brittany Frey

Brittany Frey UHS

Metro West:

Jamie Evans

Jamie Evans MW

Administrative Office:

Julie Mitchell

Julie Mitchell AO

Tiffany Zmolek

Tiffany Zmolek AO

Not Pictured: Ali Determan, Yessica Mendez, Denise Marshall, Robin VanRoekel

Nutrition Services:

Not Pictured: Cassie Mayrose