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Happy Paraprofessional Appreciation Day April 3, 2024!

Our UCSD Paraeducators and Associates partner with teachers to create a welcoming, inclusive, and caring learning environment for students every single day. We thank these outstanding team members for the countless ways they support students. We are better #becauseofU #UBelongHere

Karen Acres

Not Pictured: Courtney Thielman-Simmons (General Education Associate) and Alexia Lopez (Special Education Associate) 


Not Pictured: Kristi Green (General Education Associate); Andrea Allen,  Ashley Howard, Paige Keul, Amy Riemer, Sabina Sivac, Michelle West, Hannah DeFauw, Mia Cooper (Special Education Associate); Elyssa Thomlin (Behavior Tech)


Not Pictured: Lindsey Matus (General Education Associate); Ed Corpus, Danielle Dockum, Kaylie Johansen, Sally Laurenzo, Cameron Lewis, Kaitlin Mogle, Russell Richardson, James Schaeffer, Nick Secory, Maissa Suarez, Shamaree Tompkins, Amy Banks (Special Education Associates); Zach Krueger (Sign Language Interpreter)


Not Pictured: Andy Briggs (General Education Associates); Nakeysha Harris, Malcolm Kreese, Ronak Robinson, Jody Pinegar (Special Education Associates)

Urbandale Middle School

Not Pictured: Ethan Giles (Special Education Associate)


Urbandale High School

Not Pictured: Karna Eddie, Madison Fowler, Emma Kellogg, Keisha Sykes, Noah With (Special Education Associates)