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NationalPrincipalsMonth 2022 news

Join Us In Celebrating National Principals Month Throughout October 2022

During National Principals Month, we celebrate our Principals and Associate Principals for their outstanding support of students, families, teachers, and staff. When you see these leaders in your building, please extend a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the countless hours they have dedicated, and continue to dedicate, to planning, preparing, and leading learning environments that are welcoming and inclusive for all students. We are grateful to have such outstanding leaders, partners, and advocates in education throughout all of our schools. Our schools are stronger because of their leadership. #ThankAPrincipal

Urbandale High School
Principal Tim Carver
Associate Principal Casey Goodhue

Metro West Learning Academy
Director Mike Moran

Urbandale Middle School
Principal Cheryl Modlin
Associate Principal Jennifer Silvay

Karen Acres & Valerius Elementary
Principal Lara Justmann

Olmsted Elementary
Interim Principal Jolee Donnelly

Rolling Green Elementary
Principal Dania Wilson

Webster Elementary
Principal Anna Taggart