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KA Kindergarten Students Took The “Apple Challenge”

As part of their study of trees, Karen Acres kindergarten students in Mrs. Whitver’s class were in for a treat when their science lesson involved taste-testing apples. Mrs. Whitver shared about the various kinds of apple trees and the types of apples they would be taste testing—yellow, green, and red apples. Students received a clipboard with an apple tasting worksheet and carried their yellow, green, and red crayons to their apple tasting tables. During the taste testing, one student shared how the apples had a familiar taste, another shared how they love apples, another student preferred to give hugs to the adults in the room while eating apples, and yet another student shared how the apples were sour and yummy. So many sweet discussions took place at the apple tasting tables! 

After all students had their turn to taste the apples, they colored the apple they liked best on their worksheet. Then they returned to their dot on the carpet and Mrs. Whitver guided students to sit in the apple group they preferred most (yellow, green, or red). The class then counted how many students were in each group and colored the corresponding boxes on the worksheet. Red apples were the winners with 10 friends liking red apples the most. 

This was such a fun and engaging activity for students to learn about trees, apples, colors, counting, and so much more. We enjoyed capturing a few photos of the apple tasting experience, but we especially enjoyed the hugs that went with them! #KApride