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Kids Heart Challenge

Update March 8th: Valerius raised $9,034.32 for the American Heart Association! The students who raised the most from each grade got to pie Dean of Students, Mr. Derek Wilkins, in the face!

Friday, February 9th, Valerius Elementary kicked off their American Heart Association Kids Heart Challenge in Sara Cullinan’s PE class by wearing red and working on their jump rope skills. For American Heart Month Ms. Cullinan is encouraging her students to complete Finn’s Mission, learn hands-on CPR, and know the warning signs of heart attacks and strokes.

On Thursday, February 15th the students began their Ninja Jump Rope Challenge. For every milestone of jumps per minute the students reach, they will receive a colored bead and sign the wall next to the colored belt they achieved. There are many more challenges and jump rope activities happening throughout the month for students to continue promoting a healthy heart! #ValeriusPride #KidsHeartChallenge #hearthero

February 9th Pictures:

IMG 2931 IMG 2935 IMG 2946

February 15th Pictures:

IMG 2971 IMG 2973 IMG 2987 IMG 2996

Pie for Mr. Derek Wilkins!

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