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New Elementary Boundaries & Year-Round School Location

With the opening of the new Valerius Elementary School in the fall of 2023, Urbandale Community School District is also implementing new elementary school boundaries beginning in the 2023–24 school year. These boundaries were created through the work of the Elementary Boundary Committee which was comprised of parents and school employees. The boundaries were approved by the school board on September 26, 2022.

The benefits of the new elementary boundaries include:

  • All elementary schools are below maximum capacity based on five-year building utilization projections
  • Neighborhood boundaries stay intact
  • Less than 35% of total students are impacted in the concept
  • Efficiently utilizes the existing elementary buildings
  • Webster Elementary maintains the lowest enrollment in order to accommodate future residential growth in the west
  • Offers contiguous boundaries that utilize many main roads and natural boundaries (Douglas Ave., Aurora Ave., Urbandale Golf Course)

Elementary school assignments are based on a family’s home address. School assignment letters are being mailed to elementary families the week of October 3. To help with the transition to the new elementary boundaries, the school board also approved the opportunity for current Kindergarten through 4th grade students to stay in their current school, even if their home address is located within a different elementary school zone. Families should follow the instructions outlined in the letter if wishing to request to stay in their current school. (Note: Families will receive school assignment letters in the mail the week of October 3.)

An additional change in the district is that Karen Acres Elementary will become our year-round school. Currently, the year-round program is located at Rolling Green Elementary. Beginning in the 2023–24 school year, Rolling Green Elementary students and staff will relocate to Karen Acres Elementary located at 3500 74th Street. All families are welcome to enroll in the year-round school at Karen Acres. Although this is a ‘choice’ school, in that families can choose to attend the year-round school, there is no tuition for enrollment. Assignments to this school are filled on a first come-first served basis. If families are interested in the year-round school, please select Karen Acres when using the request form discussed in the letter.

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