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PreK-12 Math Curriculum Review Underway: Share Your Feedback

Last school year significant work was carried out to both understand the current state of math instruction and student performance within our system and to understand the current landscape and best practices in math instruction. This year a leadership team of PreK-12 teachers have been engaged in learning and will be field testing two sets of instructional materials with students within our system.

During fall conferences, all staff and parents/guardians were able to review samples of materials and provide feedback as part of the curriculum review process. Materials were available to review at each school within our system. Following field testing and our learning communities’ feedback, the math leadership team will evaluate and make a recommendation for the adoption of new instructional materials. (Note: The feedback form has closed. Thank you to everyone who provided input.)

From January through May of 2023 professional learning will be provided to prepare for implementation of the new instructional materials with the intent of having these materials in teachers’ hands by April of 2023 to prepare for initial implementation in August of 2023.

Math Curriculum Review Storyboard V3