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Rolling Green 3rd Grade Students Hone Their Entrepreneurial Skills

Rolling Green 3rd Grade Teacher Christina Piscitello was awarded a Making A Difference Grant from the Urbandale Schools and Alumni Foundation (URBSAF) to support third grade students in learning how to create, market, and run a business as part of their business study project. Students created MacraChains (braidchains and rainchains) in order to sell them at school for $3.00 each.

Students learned all the many facets of running a business as they developed advertising and sent out a survey to teachers in order to schedule time to visit each classroom to provide a sneak peek at sample products. Students posted MacraChain Lane posters around the school to drum up excitement for the sale. On the day of the sale, 3rd grade students also served as “shuttle buses” as they went to classrooms of younger students to pick up students to visit the sale and safely walked them back to class afterward. All proceeds from the sale will benefit Florida schools affected by Hurricane Ian.

What an outstanding project for 3rd grade students to lead and involve the entire school community! Incredibly well-done! #empoweringU

Photo Credit: Martha Raecker