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UHS Best Buddies Nominated As Champion Program: Updated With WHO 13 Story


Urbandale High School Special Education Teacher Kindra Black and the UHS Best Buddies chapter have been nominated as Champions by the state-wide Best Buddies program. UHS received this special designation due to the exciting and influential activities and programs being offered by the UHS chapter.  Be sure to tune into WHO 13 on October 16 as Megan Salois highlights the UHS Best Buddies program during the Scholastic Spotlight (see above)!

Every fall, Best Buddies holds a gala-style fundraising event. Previously, the fundraising event was based on a Chef Challenge where attendees would vote on their favorite chef and restaurant. This year, Best Buddies has added another component to the gala which is to honor volunteers and individuals who have gone above and beyond in dedicating time and support for the organization by celebrating them as Champions. 

Champions are a small group of individuals who are working to build the Best Buddies program through engagement in communities. The Best Buddies Iowa office nominates Champions who participate in a fundraising competition leading up to the Chef and Champion Challenge Gala event. Champions find auction items, sponsors, sell tables/tickets and have an online donation page in order to help raise funds and increase Best Buddies programming throughout the state. 

“Best Buddies has been such a wonderful club for our students with and without disabilities to participate in,” said Black. “It gives an opportunity for students of all abilities to participate in events at school, in the community, and at the local, state, and national levels. It has been so exciting to watch these students build friendships and participate in events that have given them incredible opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. I am so thankful for the support of our schools and the community but most importantly from our families and students!”

During the Best Buddies Chef and Champion Challenge Gala event, attendees will vote on the top chef and restaurant. The highest fundraising champion will be crowned the Best Buddies Grand Champion. Kindra Black and the UHS Best Buddies Chapter have been nominated as Champions this year because they are truly living the Best Buddies mission. UHS Best Buddies are supporting friendships, inclusion, and educating those around them. Kindra Black and her team are leading the way, looking for supporters, and bringing awareness to not only what Best Buddies is as an organization, but what students with disabilities can do, and want to do, as friends and valued members of the community. UHS Best Buddies has a goal of raising $3,000; if you’d like to consider making a donation, please view the fundraising page. Well-done, UHS Best Buddies! #UBELONG