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UMS Winter Door Decorating Contest news

UMS Winter Door Decorating Contest—Prepare To Be WOWED

Urbandale Middle School students and teachers are collaborating to create the most creative winter-themed classroom doors they can imagine! Students and teachers are participating in a Winter Door Decorating Contest as part of their U-time classes. All classrooms are welcome to participate. Students are driving the creativity for this project by deciding on the design and doing all of the construction of each door. Teachers are providing materials and guidance for what types of items fit within a winter theme (non-holiday) design. Students who construct the winning door for each grade level will get to choose having a pizza party or ice cream party. UMS Art Teachers Mol Eisen and Will Warren are the judges in the competition. 

The idea for the contest came from 6th grade student, Mireille Isumbelo, who shared her experience doing a similar activity in elementary school and was interested in recreating it at the middle school. That idea turned into a school-wide competition with students and teachers building positive relationships as they collaborate on design ideas.

These designs are absolutely incredible. The creativity, wit, and humor are off the charts. What a wonderful project for creating a fun and festive school community as students and staff head into winter break! Enjoy a sampling of door designs below.  #empoweringU #UMSpride