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WOI 5 Interviews UHS 4+ Special Education Student During First Week of Employment

Be sure to view Quinjuu Ketty, a participant in the Urbandale High School (UHS) 4+ Special Education Program, sharing with WOI 5 about his first week of employment. The UHS 4+ Special Education Programs, called Boost and Bridge, aim to provide real life experiences that teach living, learning and working, as well as increased independence and self-advocacy. The programs close the gap between current skills and those needed for post-secondary life with the goal of preparing students for life after high school. Students who have met high school graduation requirements, but still have unmet Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals that the IEP team has determined still need to be addressed, are eligible to participate in the programs. The programs cover a wide range of ability levels and provide extensive community experiences, volunteer opportunities, and career exploration. 

We are incredibly proud of Quinjuu and of the outstanding work taking place in our Special Education programs. We are thankful for the dedication and leadership of our 4+ Programming Director Maggie Haddinger. #UHSpride