454 – Transporting of Students by Employees in Private Vehicles

Generally, transportation of students is in a bus operated by a driver as contracted by the District, or in a motor vehicle owned by the District and driven by an authorized employee. In some cases, it may be more economical or efficient for the District to allow an employee of the District to transport the students in the employee’s private motor vehicle.

This policy statement applies to transportation of students to school activity events in which they are participants, or to their homes in case of illness or other emergency situations.

Employees given permission to transport students in their private vehicles must have the approval of the Superintendent/designee and meet all applicable requirements set by the District. Private vehicles may only be used when:

  • The vehicle is in good condition and meets all applicable safety requirements for operation;
  • The driver possesses a valid driver’s license;
  • The driver has provided proof of insurance showing the minimum coverage requirements for driving personal vehicles in the State of Iowa; and where practicable, the parents of the students to be transported have given permission for transportation in the employee’s private vehicle.

The following employees have standing approval to transport students in their private vehicles, provided that the above requirements are met: District administrators, school FFO’s or counselors, drop-out prevention teachers, teachers assigned to Metro West, or any other employee who has been specifically approved by the Superintendent/designee.

Employees and students shall abide by all traffic laws, including but not limited to regulations regarding child restraints, seat belts, and cell phone use.
The District assumes no responsibility for those students who have not received the approval of the Superintendent/designee and who ride in private vehicles for school purposes. If transportation is not provided by the District, or if transportation provided by the District is declined by the student or parent/guardian, then the responsibility and corresponding liability for transportation shall rest solely with the student and parent/guardian.

The Superintendent may develop an administrative process to implement this policy.

Date of Adoption: July 15, 2019

Legal Reference:           Iowa Code §§ 279.8; 285; 321., 281 I.A.C. 43.

Cross Reference:

420   Travel Reimbursement; Use of School Vehicles

703   Transportation



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