2018-2019 UMS PTO Board

Co-Presidents: Anne Rempe & Winell Black
Treasurer: Jean Braaten
Secretary: Jeff Braaten

2019 UnFundraiseR

Dear Urbandale Middle School friends.

The holidays are upon us and along with the frenzied pace and busy-ness of the season, also come those warm feelings of gratitude for the blessings in our lives.  We are sure you would agree that topping the list of blessings would be our children, those ever-moving, always changing, sometimes challenging beehives of activity who bring laughter, smiles and joy to our homes.

Our children benefit greatly from another blessing in our lives – the quality schools and teaching staff we are privileged to experience in Urbandale.  As you know, the PTO is here to support the Urbandale Middle School and its families, students and staff through enrichment programs and activities that promote the six pillars of character adopted by the Urbandale Community School District.

As we thought about how we might expand the PTO’s resources this year without adding stress or more activities, we decided a “non-event” might be of interest to many.  In other words, we do not want to plan an activity that would require our children to sell a product or ask any of you to plan and volunteer for a fundraising event. Instead we thought you might appreciate the opportunity to support the UMS PTO by simply making a donation of any size to show your appreciation and support.

The donations received through this “non-event” would help strengthen our PTO’s ability to continue funding our teacher mini-grants and add e-readers and flexible seating to our library.  We presently have 950 students at the Urbandale Middle School and if most families were able to step forward with a contribution of $10 – $20, we would raise more than $9,500 in support of the teacher mini-grants and the library enhancements.

Of course, this suggestion is optional, but we are hopeful you like the idea of expressing your appreciation and support but not adding one more thing to your calendar!

If you are interested in participating, please support us by making a donation right here to our ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign.  You can also help spread the word by sharing this opportunity with friends and relatives!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Winell Black, Anne Rempe, Jean and Jeff Braaten

Urbandale Middle School PTO Officers


Please consider donating:  Urbandale Middle School PTO’s UNfundraiser

**Below is a snapshot of how the PTO has used YOUR donations to support UMS over the past 2 school years**




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