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The vision for the Urbandale Community School District is to bring learning to life for everyone. In order to bring learning to life, students, parents, staff, teachers, and administrators must have a safe and supportive learning environment. Urbandale is committed to creating an environment where harassment and bullying does not exist. We strive to drive out fear by making bullying a topic that is okay to talk about, by understanding what actions are being taking to lessen the degree of its presence, and by modeling the fundamental behaviors we value for creating a safe, supportive, and joyful learning environment. In Urbandale, harassment and bullying behaviors are unacceptable. We believe there is a better way and are taking meaningful action to make our vision a reality.

UMS Bullying Program Parent Brochure
UMS Bullying Program Parent Brochure
UMS Bullying Program Parent Brochure (Bosnian)
UMS Bullying Program Parent Brochure (Spanish)

Harassment Policies and Complaint Form
Harassment Policies
Student Complaint Form Harassment

Click here to learn more about how Urbandale is addressing harassment and bullying.


The City of Urbandale received funding from the Iowa Department of Transportation to install six push-button activated pedestrian beacons. The funding was through the Safe Routes to School Program. This program encourages children, kindergarten through 8th grade, to walk and bike to school. The locations of the pedestrian beacons are along Aurora Avenue at the intersections of 75th Street, at the Middle School entrance, and at 82nd Street.

To use the pAurora Pedestrian Cross Signalsedestrian beacons, push the pedestrian button on the beacon pole to register that you wish to cross Aurora Avenue. Once the button is pushed the yellow beacons on the top of both poles will begin to flash for both directions of approaching vehicular traffic. These lights warn approaching motorist of pedestrians within the crosswalk. The pedestrian can cross the street while the beacons are flashing, but needs to remember to be aware of the traffic and make sure vehicles have stopped before crossing the road.

For motorists approaching the pedestrian beacon, yield to all pedestrians within the crosswalks and obey all traffic regulations. The beacons are intended to be an additional measure to alert motorist to pedestrians in the area.

The City encourages students, parents and pedestrians to familiarize themselves with the beacons and the procedure to utilize them. The new push-button activated pedestrian beacons now provide three locations for pedestrians, bikers, and school children to safely cross Aurora Avenue.


We’ve developed a “Parent Guide to Community Resources” to provide families with information about a number of local organizations that can help support daily living needs. To view the Resources Guide, click here and select the PDF on this page.



Urbandale Middle School Parents: Click on this PowerSchool link to be directed to PowerSchool’s Public Portal. It is an online link to student grades and attendance.


As a service to students, families, and staff, the Urbandale Community School District participates in a program that allows confidential counseling services that are of no cost to the participant. The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a resource that students, parents and educators can count on for guidance and support. SAP assistance focuses on problem assessment, short-term counseling and referral to appropriate resources. Through the SAP, individuals and families are helped to identify options to deal with a wide range of concerns, which would include: a) school-related issues, b) family or relationship issues, c) emotional or behavioral issues, d) alcohol and other drug use, and other issues that interfere with daily living, happiness, and success. If you have any questions, and would like to speak to a counselor, you can call the SAP anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 515-244-6090.