2023-2024 UMS PTO Board 

President: Nicole Schwegler

Vice President: Nicole Berger

Vice President: Sara Scott

Treasurer:  Jamie Rennie

Secretary:  Molly Olsasky

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Urbandale Middle School

Parent Teacher Organization

Sponsored Activities

Staff Appreciation

UMS has a tremendous staff—teachers, associates, custodial & support staff, and administrators. As a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication, PTO provides back to school and end of year meals, dinner for staff on conference nights, and other fun things during the year! We also assist the UMS Leadership Team with their initiatives. New ideas are always encouraged!

The PTO depends on donations from individuals and families for most food and supplies, although a small annual budget is allocated to cover items not received as donations. 

One or more Activity Coordinators are needed to lead the Staff Appreciation events. Numerous people are needed to supply donations. 


First Day Locker Help for 6th Graders

During the first few days of school each year, PTO volunteers are available in the 6th grade hallways in the mornings to help new students find classrooms and practice opening lockers. At the end of the school day, volunteers help students open lockers, gather their belongings and get to the buses. This is a great way to make the new students’ first few days of school feel a little less stressful.

Approximately 14 volunteer shifts are available for locker helpers.


Teacher Wish Lists

PTO volunteers encourage teachers to submit a wish list of small items for their classrooms. These wish lists are presented to UMS families for them to fulfill, and the PTO distributes the collected items. Teachers have a limited school budget and often purchase supplies with their own funds. Donations of supplies go a long way toward success in the classroom.

One or more Activity Coordinators are needed to lead the Teacher Wish List event. Numerous people are needed to supply donations. 


Classroom Volunteers

UMS teachers can make requests to the PTO for volunteer help in their classrooms any time during the year. In the past, parents have helped by shelving books in the Media Center and working with students during the sewing unit in Family and Consumer Science. If you are available during the school day, this is a great way to get into the school and spend time in the classroom.

Numerous volunteers are needed to fill classroom shifts.


Class Parties

Class (grade level) parties sponsored by the UMS PTO provide a great opportunity for students to interact with each other outside of school hours and get to know students they may not typically see during the school day. Party activities include socializing, enjoying pizza, snacks and beverages, playing dodgeball, dancing and organized games. The party takes place in a structured environment on school property supervised by volunteers and school staff. 

The grade level parties takes place immediately after school from 3:05 pm to 5:00 pm. 

Numerous volunteers are needed during the weeks and days leading up to the party, and on the day of—before, during and after the party. Volunteers plan and facilitate the party, sell concessions, and provide supervision of activities and common areas.


High School Football Game Chaperones

Middle School students love to sit together without their parents during J-Hawk home football games, but sometimes they still need a little adult supervision. PTO Volunteers help school administrators in the UMS section of the bleachers during Urbandale High School football games, ensuring our students can enjoy the games in a safe environment. 

Volunteers meet the school Principal(s) at the main gate before the game for instructions and to meet the other volunteers. They then watch the game in the UMS section of the bleachers, setting a good example, advising students on their behavior, and referring any problems to the Principals. Free admission to the football games included!

Several volunteers are needed at each home game.


Teacher Grants

Teachers are encouraged to submit applications to the Principal and PTO to apply for annual grants of $100/teacher to be used for classroom supplies, books, materials, or special projects. The PTO allocates $1,000 annually for these grants! No volunteers are needed for this activity.


Spirit Wear

Go J-Hawks! Seeing students wear their Urbandale gear boosts the sense of community and belonging in the school. Each school year, the PTO sells Urbandale Spirit Wear through a 3rd party vendor. Orders are usually taken at the beginning and middle of the school year with items delivered to the students at school. In the spring, the PTO sells clothing that meets the requirements for Physical Education—and it is completely optional. Also, 8th Graders have a special t-shirt made just for them—artistic students submit design ideas then the entire grade votes on the favorite design.

One or more Activity Coordinators are needed to lead the Spirit Wear events.


Fundraising Reward Programs

The PTO has previously participated in sponsored fundraisers including Box Tops, Coke Rewards, and Campbell’s Labels for Education. Look for information each year about the current opportunities to support the school with your household purchases.

One or more Activity Coordinators are needed to lead the event. Numerous people are needed to supply donations. 


Book Fair

UMS PTO offers a Book Fair like most PTO’s at the elementary level. Our Book Fair is open during the week of conferences in the fall and spring. The PTO does not retain any profit from the Book Fair—100% of the profit goes to the UMS Media Center! Each year our Book Fair sales earn thousands of dollars for the school’s Media Center to build up its collection. Teachers can also put books from the Fair on a wish list for families to purchase for the classrooms. 

Numerous volunteers are needed in shifts to straighten and restock shelves and to work the cashier station during the Book Fair events.



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