Future Ready

The following UCSD Future Ready Indicators define what it means for an Urbandale High School graduate to be considered life, career, and/or college ready.

Completion of two or more of the following:

  • Zero suspensions
  • 28 hours of community service
  • Building a Better U: Mean of 2.75
  • Two or more co-curricular activities or club participation
  • Work experience during high school (internships, part-time jobs, etc.)
  • Senior capstone project/presentation

Identified pathway/interest of choice and one or more of the following:

  • CTE Concentrator: completion of four courses in a particular CTE pathway
  • Dual credit career pathway completion—DMACC or Central Campus
  • Earned industry credential
  • ASVAB completion
  • Acceptance into an apprenticeship program
  • Seal of Biliteracy or completion of 4 yrs of world language w/ C or better

GPA of 2.8 and:

  • FAFSA completion
  • College Acceptance
  • Standardized Testing Indicators—meeting ONE of the following:
    • AP exam of 3 or higher
    • ACT Composite score of 22
    • SAT math (530) and reading (480)
    • PSAT: meeting projected proficiency on SAT math (510) & reading (460)
    • ISASP proficiency in all areas
    • Accuplacer meeting minimum scores to not be in remedial courses (Reading minimum score 248. Writing minimum score 254.)
  • Academic Indicators—meeting two or more of the following:
    • Completion of the equivalent of 4 years of English and math to include Algebra II (successful completion)
    • Dual credit academic course (successful completion)
    • AP course (successful completion)
    • Completion of Chemistry (successful completion)


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