Continual Improvement: Board

School Board members are elected to represent and carry forth what is best for students and families in the Urbandale Community School District. They volunteer their time by attending, collaborating, and leading semi-monthly work sessions and board meetings in addition to countless hours spent outside of designated meeting times in order to ensure their tasks are fully accomplished. Board members pursue the continual improvement of the District by “leading by example” and embracing continual improvement throughout all of its practices. Following each meeting, Board members self-assess their preparation for and participation in the meeting and create action plans for improvement as they strive for greater Board effectiveness. Board members uphold the District’s mission to teach all and to reach all, and uphold the District’s vision to bring learning to life for everyone.

 Board of Directors Mission Statement

 To partner with stakeholders to teach all and reach all through
governance of Board Policy and Operating Protocol.

 “I continue to be proud of the uniqueness of the Urbandale district. The district’s ongoing dedication for developing learning systems that place the needs of students at the center of the classroom, that emphasize learning over teaching, and that support the continual improvement of all learners in the system are only a handful of attributes that make Urbandale schools unique. As both a Former President of the Board of Directors and an Urbandale parent, I see the differences in the table conversations with my children, as well as when I talk with other parents. Teachers and administrators are sharing their excitement for improvements in their classrooms and buildings with others in the profession. It’s not just one or two people on board steering this ship, it’s all of us, working together to bring about real change in the Urbandale district.”
Adam Obrecht
Former President of the Board of Directors and Urbandale Parent