Continual Improvement: District

As a District, we take great pride in providing meaningful collaboration throughout all levels of the system that directly impacts student achievement. Department leaders develop Strategic Improvement Plans with leadership teams. The goals included in these plans align with our District’s long-range goals, support state and federal regulations, and meet student requirements. These plans are reviewed every 90 days to continually assess the data and ensure students are on the path of purposeful learning, achievement and success. Please review the UCSD Strategic Plan.

Strategic Planning


District Improvement Stories

“The focus on quality and continual improvement begins with our ability to learn in an environment that is conducive to learning. Although much of that is related to our attitude and our environment at home, much of it is also what we experience in our K-12 education system.

Urbandale has taken a proactive approach for transforming education in order to better align with the future needs of students. I’ve seen the leadership team collaborate with a true sense of purpose and integrate meaningful practices that are in the best interests of all students. Urbandale reaches out to other communities to learn and share resources regarding continual improvement in education; that is what role model organizations do. Their commitment to improvement is made through the vision of a better system and the passion of the leaders to learn from others and try out new ideas.

One of the many reasons I like working with the Urbandale team is that there is not a feeling of failure in the challenge to make a difference; in fact, quite the contrary is true as the Urbandale team believes wholeheartedly they are on a path for cultivating true joy in education.”
Gary Nesteby
Executive Director
Iowa Quality Center