Continual Improvement: Classroom

Urbandale teachers lead a classroom learning system that focuses on building a culture of learning where every single student feels heard, understood, and valued. Guiding them is a classroom strategic plan containing learning requirements, SMART (specific, measurable, aligned to learning requirements, results focused and time framed) goals, and a classroom mission statement written in collaboration with students. Teachers adapt methods of instruction to better meet the unique learning styles of each student, while students determine the strategies that work best for them to learn the material. Clear and effective learning methods not only take the guesswork out of learning, but serve to build a learning community with a foundation of competence, responsibility, trust, creativity and collaboration. Ultimately, it’s a classroom where students feel supported by their teacher and peers.

Strategic Planning

Classroom Improvement Stories

Examples of classroom continual improvement practices

Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Cycle of Improvement

Classroom Learning System