Continual Improvement: School

In Urbandale, we use various forms of assessment throughout the year to provide leading data which helps to determine if students are meeting learning requirements. These learning requirements are compiled to create a picture as to how the school is performing. This overall picture is continuously reviewed against school goals which are cascaded from our district’s long-range goals. Teacher leaders work with principals to develop strategies and professional development to be implemented in order to meet these goals. Tactics are reviewed monthly by principals and every 45 to 60 days by school leadership teams in order to determine their effectiveness and impact on student learning. We want all students learning at high levels and all schools reaching and exceeding their goals.


School Improvement Stories

 Strategic Plan-On-A-Page 

“As our world becomes more fast-moving and technologically savvy, education must change as well.  Educators must provide a learning environment that is meaningful.  It should be something that students can take with them and use as they move into the next phase of their life.  Whether it is through an on-site visit, working in cooperative groups, or researching information, students need a reason for why this learning is important.  Students should feel inspired to rise to the level of greatness as they study and learn about new strategies or people who influence our world.  Finally, students should feel motivated.  We want them to ask “why” and “how does that happen?” or “what will happen next?”  These are some of the questions that encourage learning and expand students’ minds beyond what they think is possible.  Urbandale is going in this direction and it is up to all of us to provide students with opportunities to bring them to that level of learning.  I’m proud to have my sons in the Urbandale School District for this reason.”
Pamela Spangler
Urbandale Parent

“Even though Urbandale High School is a big school with 1,215 students, my son felt completely at home when he entered 9th grade. His teachers have shown us that they care about his success by communicating with us via e-mail and phone, having one-on-one visits with our son, and demonstrating their attentiveness at student-led conferences. I appreciate how my son’s teacher’s look for his strengths. Sure, we may receive the occasional e-mail that our son needs to turn in more assignments, but the teachers are also quick to say that they know he can do the work. They celebrate his successes with him. We are thrilled to have our son at UHS.”
Anne Nieland
Urbandale Parent

“Mrs. Choudhury provides a learning environment that motivates and inspires my daughter. My daughter is above grade level for reading so during reading lessons she is given research projects. Once her project is completed, she creates a presentation with pictures and narratives. My daughter no longer complains about being bored in class and loves doing research on topics such as Egypt and the Solar System.  We even found her at home on a school recommended website reading about stem cells.  Although it was designed for 12th graders, she told us that she was reading it because ‘it is interesting.’ Having my daughter be in a learning environment that is truly student-centered is a wonderful experience.”
Annie Uetz
Urbandale Parent