Driving Permits & Parking

Parking At UHS

Please review the following information regarding: Parking at UHS

Student Driving Permits

Please review the following information for applying and receiving a driving permit/minor student license for your Urbandale High School student. 

Step 1: Download and complete the Affidavit for Minor School License from the Iowa DOT:

Note: As state law requires, you must reside at least one mile from UHS and take the most direct route to and from UHS. Please thoroughly review all eligibility requirements included in the Affidavit.

Step 2:  The student will need to bring the following items to Julie Mitchell, Executive Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, UCSD Administration Office (address below):

  • Completed Affidavit Form
  • Student’s Learner’s Permit

Please contact the UCSD Administration Office at 457-5000 prior to coming to confirm the Superintendent is available to talk with your student.

Mrs. Mitchell will make copies of the forms and confirm that you live at least one mile from UHS (using the most direct route). The student will then converse with the Superintendent before he approves the affidavit.

UCSD Administration Office
11152 Aurora Avenue
Urbandale, IA 50322
(515) 457-5000

Step 3: You’ll then bring the forms to any driver’s license issuance location to obtain your student’s Minor School License ($8.00 fee paid to the DOT).

If you have any questions, please contact:

Julie Mitchell
(515) 457-5000