Reporting System

The Reporting System is a tool UHS students, teachers, and staff can use to report concerns they have about situations or behaviors they’ve observed in their school community that may be hurtful to others. There may be times when you feel as though you need to share something but aren’t sure who to turn to for help. For example, if you observe situations where you’re concerned about bullying, discrimination, harassment, or other unsafe or unkind behaviors, this online reporting system provides a quick way to share those concerns and find help.

In order to use the tool, UHS students and staff must first login to their UCSD email account. Please note, this is not an anonymous system. The person reporting the concern must submit their name and a description of the concerning situation. The form will automatically capture the email address of the person submitting the concern which will help UHS Administration to follow up on the concern. Only UHS students and staff are permitted to use this system.

UHS Administration encourages students to directly report concerning situations to their teacher or to administration. As students may not always feel comfortable doing so, the reporting system is another option students can use to help create a safer school environment.

Access the Reporting System:

Click this link: Reporting System

Or, scan the QR code using your phone camera.

QR Code Reporting System