Media Request Guidelines

Please note the following guidelines regarding media requests of students/staff participating in activities and/or general school-interest stories.


All Activities-related requests for student information and interviews should be made by contacting the Activities Office at Urbandale High School.

Primary Contact:
Dr. Bill Watson
Director of Activities and Community Education
Office: 515-457-6947
Cell: 515-681-5207

Secondary Contact:
Josh Jacobs
Associate Athletic Director for Game Operations
Office: 515-457-6946
Cell: 515-490-1217

Student Interview Times:
In general, we will make students available by appointment during the school year on Mondays from (3:15pm – 3:45pm) and on Wednesdays and Thursdays from (2:30pm – 3:45pm). Please contact the Activities Office to set up an appointment. Students will be available after games after the team has met. For further information or assistance, see a member of the Activities Staff near the conclusion or immediately following the event.

Coach Interview Times:
Coaches may be contacted at any time. However, most are employed either as teachers or outside the Urbandale Community School District and are unavailable from 7:30am – 3:30pm on a daily basis. If you need assistance contacting a coach, please contact the Director of Activities.

General School-Interest Stories:

All general school-interest requests for student/staff information and interviews should be made by contacting the District Communications Partner.

Dena Quist
UCSD Communications
Cell: 515-868-1879

4-Step Process for General Student/Staff Media Requests:
Step 1: Contact Dena Quist with:
> the name of the student or staff member you’d like to reach
> the topic for the story/reason for contact
> your request for quotations/photographs/filming
> specific questions you would like answered
> due date for response(s)
> the anticipated time of release of information in print, online, or broadcast
> your complete contact information

Step 2: Dena will contact the student/staff member’s school principal. The principal and/or building secretary will confirm media release/permission form(s) on file for student(s).

Step 3: Dena and/or the school principal will contact the student/family/staff member in order to provide details regarding the media request.

Step 4: If the student/family/staff member agree to participate, Dena will forward responses to the media rep, facilitate additional questions/items for clarification, and assist in scheduling school visits/classroom visits/photographs/filming/etc.