Visual Arts Curriculum

UCSD students are engaged in an articulated visual arts program that provides a basis for lifelong learning through the involvement and appreciation of the arts. Visual arts include perceiving, comprehending, and evaluating the visual world; viewing and understanding the visual arts; developing and communicating imaginative and inventive ideas; and creating art. A variety of projects and tasks are provided to build understanding of the concepts and skills. Students use that understanding to express themselves in the visual arts classes.

What Urbandale Educators Are Saying

“My goal as an art teacher is to show my students how to not just be consumers, but be producers. I want them to actively make stuff (anything) rather than passively consume what someone else has made. It’s not so much that I will show them how to make what will ultimately inspire them, but rather I hope to support them and show them that they can be the creator. It may be harder and take more time, but in the long run their life will be a lot more fun and fulfilling when they are making their own things and not just watching what others have done. It will ultimately pay better too. “ – Chris Kimble, Art Teacher, Urbandale High School

UCSD Board-Approved Curriculum

Detailed curriculum information by grade level is provided below. Click on each section to view the associated curriculum PDFs.


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