Urbandale Schools implements comprehensive and balanced assessment systems that vary on a continuum of frequency, purpose, and outcomes. The assessment system informs planning for instruction,  provides evidence of learning, and guides strategic planning.

The chart below provides an overview of our assessment system providing evidence of learning and feedback for our staff to study and act on.

 Yellow Professional Gradient Tech Organizational Chart

We use grades to communicate a student’s path toward learning requirements.

  1. Grades are aligned to the academic standards for a course. 
  2. Grades are based on a body of student-produced evidence.
  3. Determination of a grade is based on established proficiency levels, which describe academic learning and levels of performance aligned to course/grade-level standards.
  4. Grades are based on a student’s demonstrated achievement of course/grade-level standards. Achievement of behavioral objectives is important enough to report separately and does not factor into the academic grade.

We use the Building a Better U Rubric to communicate a student’s path toward positive interactions and personal responsibility. 

      For more information, please refer to our Grading for Learning Manual.