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Announcing A New Math Curriculum

Following the Iowa Core being signed into law in 2008, the Urbandale Community School District’s Math Leadership Team conducted a comprehensive review of Iowa Core Mathematics. The team analyzed the new State curriculum guidelines with the existing UCSD math curriculum. It was determined that the existing math curriculum did not prepare students to meet the new Iowa Core standards and a revised curriculum would be needed. Therefore, during the 2012-2013 school year the Elementary Math Leadership Team conducted an extensive review of effective math programs in order to identify the program that would provide Urbandale students with the greatest value. The Middle School Math Leadership Team conducted a review of effective math programs during the 2013-2014 school year, and the High School will conduct a review during the 2014-2015 school year.

Announcing A New Middle school Math Program

We’re excited to announce the adoption of a middle school math program that aligns with both the Iowa Core and the UCSD Vision of bringing learning to life for everyone. Glencoe Math has been selected as the new math program.

Elementary Math: Everyday Mathematics

The University of Chicago School Mathematics Project (UCSMP) developed the Everyday Mathematics program based on previous research that demonstrated what methods worked best for helping students learn and understand mathematical concepts and skills. The program is less focused on the traditional ‘drill’ approach to teaching math, and more focused on involving students with hands-on activities and applicable learning in order for them to fully understand math concepts and skills. To learn more about Everyday Math, see links below under “Learn More.”

The Everyday Mathematics program features:
• A curriculum that explores mathematical content beyond basic arithmetic.
• A problem-solving approach based on everyday situations.
• Frequent, varied practice of basic skills.
• Hands-on, applicable, and relevant learning.
• An instructional approach that revisits concepts regularly.
• An emphasis on communication and teamwork.
• A commitment to home/school partnerships.

What Urbandale Parents Are Saying About Everyday Math

»“I think that the Everyday Math Curriculum is one of the best Math curriculums. My child had it in preschool so I was introduced to it there and learned about it. I think that the lessons are practical and I have seen growth with my child’s math skills even at the young age of five. Math was something that was hard for me so when I see the homework and the web activities from Everyday Math I think where was this when I was learning? Again, I cannot say enough good things about how Everyday Math is helping my child in everyday activities.”

» “My child has used math vocab that I wasn’t expecting and that is great! The home links are a nice reinforcement and a way for my child to describe what is taking place in the classroom in math. Our child is definitely making progress in math. I appreciate the Everyday Mathematics games online and the YouTube video on transition numbers so we can practice at home.”

» “My daughter did very little on the computer prior to kindergarten so it’s cool to see her know what to do on the sites.”

» “My child enjoys the online games at home and now on the iPad.”

» “The program is a good idea since the kids are learning as they have fun.”

» “My son likes the apps, and when I compare his mathematical knowledge to that of what his older brother had in kindergarten I would say there is a much higher level of knowledge now.”

What Urbandale Educators Are Saying

“Teaching young children gives you the opportunity to explore, experience, and learn about the world around you with enthusiasm every day. Each child has their own unique strengths and challenges. Using Everyday Math as a resource, students are actively engaged in learning and applying mathematical concepts. My job is to provide all of them with the guidance, encouragement, and resources to become happy, successful citizens.” Jeri Gates, Second Grade Teacher, Valerius Elementary School

UCSD Board-Approved Curriculum

Detailed curriculum information by grade level is provided below. Click on each section to view the associated curriculum PDFs.


Learn More

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