Career and Technical Education Curriculum

Career and Technical Education, also known as Vocational education, is an integral part of the education of all students in the Urbandale Community School District. UCSD educators and students work cooperatively with the school, the community, and business/industry to prepare each individual to live and work as a productive citizen in a changing global society.

Exploratory courses in this area begin at the middle level. Family and consumer education emphasizes the home and family. Computers/technology education builds an awareness of technology and prepares students with the necessary skills to cope with, live and work in, and contribute to a highly technological society. Business and marketing education courses offer a blend of technology and business skills. Industrial education courses provide hands on learning experiences. UCSD courses provide students opportunities to participate in work-based experiences (e.g. supervised work experience, job shadowing, work experiences, job simulations, entrepreneurships).

What Urbandale Educators Are Saying

“With every passing day, technology becomes a more instrumental part of being a productive citizen in the 21st century. At Urbandale Middle School, students have numerous opportunities to be engaged in this ever-changing world of technology; inside of the walls of the computer classroom and beyond. In 6th grade computer class, students get the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge areas of technology like web design and digital video editing, while yet not losing focus on essential skills like typing, word processing, and making presentations. In 8th grade computer class, students continue to learn creative programs like Flash animation and how to draw in Microsoft Word, while continuing to focus on essential skills like typing, word processing, spreadsheets, and making presentations.” – Lindsey Bakker, Business/Computers Teacher, Urbandale Middle School

UCSD Board-Approved Curriculum

Detailed curriculum information by grade level is provided below. Click on each section to view the associated curriculum PDFs.


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Project Lead the Way – Urbandale High School offers two foundation courses for the Project Lead the Way Pathway to Engineering. These courses provide students with rigorous, relevant, hands-on, project-based learning experiences. Introduction to Engineering and Design (IED) allows students to use sophisticated three-dimensional modeling software to improve existing products, invent new ones, and communicate the details of the products to others. Principles of Engineering (POE) uses student activities, projects and problems to explore the wide variety of careers in engineering and technology, and examines various technology systems and manufacturing processes.